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Before you begin, you should define the tasks that are performed with the machinery and list all the interactions that occur with the machine. Identify both typical and atypical tasks that can occur with the machinery. Project future scenarios, especially for machinery that has just been commissioned or is not yet being used. These factors can influence the outcome of your Machine risk assessment. Identify the hazards that could be posed by different tasks by the machinery.

BS EN ISO 12100:2010 combines EN ISO 12100 and EN ISO 14121-1

BS EN ISO12100:2010 combines EN and ISO standards to provide guidelines for the safe operation of machinery. It outlines the basic terminology, methods, and principles used for risk assessment and risk management in the manufacture of machinery. It also outlines the maintenance and risk management rules for machinery. It will provide uniform safeguarding principles to ensure that machinery remains safe for its intended use.

Risk assessment of machinery - Pilz INT

The revised standard will be easier to use, with less redundancy. It is easier to read and fewer requirements. The new standard will also make it easier to update existing machinery. The table of correspondence between the two old standards, ISO 12100-1:2003 and ISO 14121-1:2007, is available for reference. This table highlights changes in clause numbers, as well as minor changes.

Methods of risk assessment

The process of undertaking a method for machinery hazard assessment involves collecting relevant information about the machine and its components. It includes its lifecycle requirements, limits, design drawings, sketches, system descriptions, and incident history. Detailed information about the machine’s layout and system design is also important. This information is necessary to identify potential risks, including those that pose a high risk to human health. Listed below are the most common methods for machinery hazard assessment.

Task-based hazard assessment, which focuses on the specific steps taken by each group of people, identifies components responsible for protecting workers from hazards. Once the risks are identified, strategies for reducing them are documented. This includes making changes to the operation and maintenance procedures or adding additional guarding. The results of a task-based hazard assessment will determine how best to protect employees. The most common method is a combination of the two.

Documentation required by risk assessment specialist

The responsibility for machinery safety lies not only with the manufacturers and designers, but also with employers. WorkSafe stipulates that employers must manage all types of risks. Safer machinery means less risk for workers, improved operating efficiency, and less downtime. A risk assessment specialist can help you assess your machinery’s risks and develop solutions to prevent accidents and injuries. But this assessment is not the end of the process. You should also be aware of the limitations of this approach.

To assess the risks posed by machinery, a risk assessment specialist must review a detailed machine list and other documents that help him to identify possible hazards. These documents may include lockout and tagout procedures, electrical and mechanical drawings, floor-plan layout, and equipment manuals. The risk assessment specialist should also review the procedures and policies that govern the safe operation of the machinery. If there are no existing policies or procedures, a risk assessment specialist can identify possible hazards and suggest suitable controls.

Task-Based analysis

A task is a responsibility and can have both positive and negative consequences. Using task-based analysis, risks can be identified and evaluated based on the tasks people perform with machinery. The analysis is often performed by a worker’s immediate supervisor, but a second observer (ideally a member of the health and safety committee) can be helpful in gathering information and ensuring an in-depth analysis. The second observer will be less likely to miss important information that could be overlooked.

The TBRA procedure includes assessing hazards to determine their severity and likelihood and then determining appropriate safety controls. Task-based analysis involves observing and videotaping employees performing tasks. The analysis should also include the actual work performer to assess the likelihood and severity of each hazard. Once the hazards are identified, the TBRA process can then determine the correct controls and the risk-management plan for each task.

Hierarchy of control measures

The topmost level of the hierarchy of control measures for machinery hazards is elimination. This is the preferred method of risk control as there is no chance of an incident occurring. The second level involves substitution of less hazardous processes or conditions. The least effective method is PPE, and should be the last place to look for solutions. However, the best control measures should be applied to each hazard category. For example, extending poles for operation from the ground can eliminate a hazard involving falling.

While the first three levels of the Hierarchy may be considered engineering controls, they are not necessarily done by engineers. Listed below are the various types of controls. Human-Machine Interface, or HMI, is a type of control device that gives operators and maintenance crews access to machinery. This HMI can be a programmable display or an array of buttons or switches. It can also include indicators or lights.


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